Willet captured by D5 / 800mm

Those LBJs (Little Brown Jobs) have started to hit our beaches and now’s a great time to get out there with them. Why now? There are a number of reasons, top of the list is that they are still wearing their breeding plumage quite often. Like this Willet photographed on a San Diego beach. This is not their winter plumage but the much more spectacular feathers they have to catch the attention of the opposite sex. Right now the rarer shorebirds come through more often or not. Another reason to get out now is they are busy refueling and a whole lot more likely to be approachable. Don’t approach them, let them come to you as I did here. Simply lie on the sands at a spot where they might want to feed (I like when the tide is going out) and simply wait. They’ll come up and then the shot is easy peasy! I know of nothin better than spending the morning on the beach (in the west) or the evening (in the east) lying on the sands with the LBJs. Now’s the time, they’re coming!

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