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on Mar 14, 2019 in Field Reports

Think Tank Belt System

Think Tank Belt System

I admit it, I’m a Think Tank junkie! Here’s the problem I needed to solve. I needed four extra hands while working with aircraft and shooting the documentary. It’s my nature, when I hear someone needs a hand, I put down the camera and help. Putting down that gear though in a hangar full of grease and fuel, well, there’s the issue. Then there is a time when I need to shoot in a small space and have the flexibility of pulling out a flash or change lenses. No space for a camera bag, an assistant let alone the time waiting. I tried putting a single case on my pants belt but when I needed to drop it quickly, well there went my pants. That’s when I remembered the Think Tank Belt system!

The belt system works like a charm in this one application (I don’t use it otherwise) providing protection and quick access to the limited gear I carry. I have the Lens Changer 35 or 50, Slim Changer and Flash Mob (not shown) on the Thin Skin Belt (there are a ton of different pockets/pouches which switch out in a snap!). I have all the cases except the Slim Changer tucked behind my back so when I go through small cabin doors, the gear is not only protected but I can skinny through. All of these cases have their own built-in raincoat and extra pockets. The best thing is when I need to take it off and drop it to work, one click it’s all off and safe. It’s such a simple solution to a small problem, but for me, it’s not only a piece of mind but enables the photography to carry on!

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