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on Dec 28, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

“This Lens Work with the D850?”

Snow Geese
captured by D850 / 18-35AFS

It’s very exciting to hear from all the folks who have received their D850. It really is a great camera delivering what it promises in a fun package! The last week or two, a new kinda email has been coming in from folks who have the D850, “This lens work with the D850?” or “What’s the BEST lens for the D850?” With a couple of folks, I asked them why they were asking this question and in part it’s because what they read on the web (argh) and the other because of the list published here and elsewhere about the best lenses for the D850. I fear this has lead some to the wrong conclusion. IMHO there is no lens in the Nikkor lineup that wouldn’t perform beautifully on the D850. In my experience, photographers either at the camera or in post do more image quality damage then perhaps a “bad” lens. We can all have the same hammer and same nail but when it comes to driving it cleanly, some might hit the nail squarely and others, well dent the wood. The bottomline, the quality comes from the photographer.

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