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on Apr 2, 2019 in Field Reports

Time for New Portables!


For a long time, I have traveled with a copy of my Gallery Images so I can take care of my clients while I’m traveling. This is the third time I’ve “updated” my 4TB drives for this traveling gallery. This time, I went with, and love the G Tech 4TB drives. Why did I choose these? Well, I first sent a G Tech 4TB to Brent and asked him to test it by attempting to edit a Z7 video from it using both Premiere and Photo Mechanic 6. Brent found the write speed permitted easy editing and scrubbing of that 4k video. That was good enough for me.

Product Highlights

4TB Storage Capacity
Micro-USB 3.0 Interface
Bus Powered
Supports Time Machine & File Vault
Aluminum Case
Includes Micro-USB 3.0 Cables
Preformatted for Mac 10.10+
Windows Compatible with Reformatting

Using rync, I was able to create new copies of my Gallery Images in a snap! It makes all the difference in the world to our business and I just wanted to pass that along.

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