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It’s packin time, on our way to our HI DLWS event. As I got the bags out from under the bed (no need to put them away away, just back from FL a week ago), it occurred to me I should be updating my webpage on traveling. Then it occurred to me I should just blog it because, well, it’s a whole lot faster to do. You can see the way I went.

What you see above is anything but traveling light. That photo is 600lbs of gear Sharon, Jake & I took in with us to McNeil River last summer. When I travel on a “normal” trip, I have four bags with me, carry-on is a photopack (MP-1, MP-3 or MP-7) and Swiss Army Wheeled Briefcase. Checked are the Eagle Creek Load Warrior and Tamrac 694. No, four bags isn’t traveling light but it is considering I’m shipping quite often another 100+ pounds of gear in a Pelican 1660. Man, that’s a lot of stuff!

You can follow the links to see the camera gear I’m carrying on. The briefcase carries the Dell m4400 and m6400 notebooks. My main external 500GB Buffalo drives are also in the briefcase with the backups in the photopack. The Tamrac has “camera gear” such as MooseCam, tripod heads, readers, cables, chargers and the like. The Load Warrior has the tripod (s), clothes, shoes and the like. Both check-in just skin under the 50lbs limit and yes, I pay for the extra bag (there is no option and it is work, gotta have it with me).

Going through security I rarely find any big deal. I’m prepared before I reach it to go through it. My “stuff” goes through the same order everytime. Shoes, notebooks, briefcase and photopack. My watch, iPhone go in the briefcase so I have one less thing to deal with on the otherside. Other than the occassional theft of really little items from my check-in (like multi-tools, screw driver kit), I don’t have problems. Oh yeah, the last thing I pack and take with me through security is a smile. In fact, I make it a challange to make those friendly TSA folks smile just a little more as I pass by. There’s a couple of links here, hope the trivia helps you on your next trip!

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