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on Oct 3, 2019 in Field Reports

Big, Wide World … The Two Click Pano

Walker Lake Pano
captured by Z6 / Z14-30

We are so fortunate to experience a big, grand world and in this case, a Sierra Wave over Walker Lake! The new Nikkor Z14-30 does a beautiful job of bringing that all in and with its wide angle of view and ability to accept an 82mm filter. The possibilities are nearly endless. It’s a favorite lens of mine now because of this. With that said, I have had the good fortune to witness a few sunrises/sunsets that 14mm alone wasn’t able to capture it all. I turned to a simple, two-click pano to bring those moments home. No tripod, just hand-hold, click with about a 20-30% overlap and then simple assembly in ACR using its Panorama function. It brings the memory home and that’s what it’s all about!

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