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on Mar 3, 2015 in Great Stuff

Watson Packing Power


I’ve been taking more gear as I try to take less luggage. This means means what I do take needs to take less space and do more duties. Batteries are the heart of so much of our gear, gotta have more and more. I just found the Watson Rapid Charger and fell in love cause it works great! Besides being a low price and coming with 4 AA Watson 2300mnh batteries, it does rapid charge the batteries. But it’s physically very small and has the wall plug built into the charger that folds away when not in use. It’s the smallest and lightest package I’ve found and love it! (You can save more money getting this version which has no LCD panel.)


Part of this strategy is taking more charged batteries with me and with the Watson Rapid Charger, always having them ready to go. I picked up the Watson 8-Bay Charger kit, what a great deal and unit! The Charger itself can charge 12 AA batteries at one time, and that’s along with 2x 9v batteries! It can also charge AAA, C & D batteries (there C & D system is cool!). What I do is use this charger to cook all the batteries before I hit the road. Then rely on the Rapid Charger while on the road. The 9v batteries last my work for the entire trip so I don’t need to juice them up on the road. But the AAs get pounded and with this new Watson system, I carry less but have more power!

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