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on Mar 6, 2018 in Field Reports

WD My Passport Wireless SSD

I’ve takin my WD 1TB My Passport Wireless SSD for its first road trip and I’m impressed! Cutting to the chase, ya, it’s fast! What makes this storage system unique is it’s both SSD and wireless. Why would you want this? Let’s say you have to go light, really light with tight space. You could use the WD 1TB or 2TB Wireless MyPassport along with an iPad Pro and easily handle all your photo uploads, finishing and sending. The Wireless MyPassport has a built-in SD reader that with the My Cloud WD app, you can do all your normal work with just these two devises. Now is it fast? Here are its specs:
WD My Passport Wireless SSD Specs

Storage Capacity 1 TB
Connection Interface 1 x USB 3.0 (USB Type-A)
Maximum Read Speed 390 MB/s

but whether hardwire or wireless, it does fly, way faster than I thought it would be for sure. At the same time, they are rugged! They are about twice the size of a normal 1/2TB drive but with their built-in power, reader and wireless and ability to be dropped (which I’ve done on purpose from five feet a dozen times now), they take a lickin and keep on tickin! I will say they are a specialty drive for sure and their price reflects that but in the field, rugged, fast drive, they are matched by none!

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