Kodiak Brown Bear family captured by Z 8 / Z600f4 @840mm

The cubs for their first three years depend on mom for everything. They are in many ways, little mirrors of their mom during the day doing nearly exactly what she does when she does it. Oh yeah, there is always that one cub that has to be curious. There is that one cub that is more reserved than the other two. But mom is everything to them so when she stops grazing and comes to attention, so do they. They depend on their noses to tell them what’s happening in their world. It does an amazing job of keeping them informed of who all is on the flats for miles around. When they get scent of something that alarms them, like a big male Kodiak Brown, they stop to look and check things out. With the tall foliage, standing on their hand legs provides them extra elevation to see further. Standing over nine foot tall, there isn’t anything they miss!

What about the old “don’t get between a mom and her cubs” thing? There are lots of really bad myths about bears that I think were started with one simple thought in mind, be respectful of them! Obviously after spending a week in the field with these giants, I’m safe and sharing their story with you (with more to come). The one thing I want to impress on you right now is this very simple thought which will keep the bears and you safe and bringing back the stories. When in their world, all critters for that matter, remember you are a guest in their home so act like a great guest. You’d be surprised how welcomed they will make you feel, over and over again!

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