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on Jan 25, 2017 in Digital Darkroom

“When You’re Snowed In?”

A natural question coming in after this morning’s post (at least the clean one), is what do I do with my time when “snowed in?” When that question first came in this morning, I laughed a lot! That’s because I never have a problem finding work to do no matter how much daylight I have or do not have. But there is one chore I do more off in the winter and that’s revisit images shot the previous year to see how my finishing might have changed and if images need to be updated. This can be a Pandora’s Box though as sometimes, there can be big changes like moving to Luminar for my B&W processing. Whatever I think I need to update in my DD workflow, I do by printing first the originally finished image and then the newly refinished image. I consume a bunch of paper and ink as the Epson 7900 turns them out, but the 24×30 print is still the gold standard I use. When it comes to showing all the flaws that might be in an image, that size shows them really fast. And when there are none, well, it’s just a gorgeous print. So while I might be “snowed in” (which we never have been) I’m pushing the ball forward looking to improve how I visually tell stories. Thanks for asking! :-)

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