P-47 captured by D5 / 24-70f2.8

Aircraft are just wood, fabric, and metal but you give them life by the way you tell their story. There is no easier or more powerful way of giving that story a kickstart than through white balance. This is a real simple idea. The light on the ramp this morning was pretty cold as far as the camera was concerned but I saw the glow in the east and knew it would come through the photograph if, if I took control of the white balance. I went to K and then set the white balance manually to 8000k and shot away. Why do this in-camera when you can do it all in post? One reason is that the camera is your data capture device, I want it to capture all the data, correct data when I go click. Mostly, a year from after taking the photo and I’m looking at those images, I want to SEE in my photos what I was feeling and thinking that morning. I can’t count on my memory to do so. And that’s what photography is all about, preserving memories!

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