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on May 29, 2019 in Landscape Photography

White Makes the Red, Redder

Battery Point Lighthouse

At the moment, there are at least 445 named shades of red. Yikes! Red is one of the most powerful colors when it comes to grabbing our attention, fast! That’s why Stop signs are red. But what color is the word, STOP? It’s white and why, because red and white is the most powerful color combo to grab our vision. When you’re shooting a landscape like the Grand Canyon or Bryce, anytime you have snow, the red looks better. The same holds true for sunrises and sunsets but finding white at those moments is really challenging. How can we “introduce” white into our sunrises and sunsets to make the red, redder?

There are actually lots of ways when you think about it. A person in a white shirt or dress popped by a flash in one way. A white building or vehicle is another. And here you see another way I like to do it. It starts with a white lighthouse but it’s pretty small in the frame so to bring in more white, I brought in a light beam (here’s how you do that). If you look at both photos back and forth, you can see how the mind’s eye sees a deeper red in the light beam photo than the none. It’s such a little and simple thing but it can make a big impact. White makes the red, redder.

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