Aero C-104 “Bücker” captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8 w/Z1.4x

One concept that’s hard to rationalize in aviation photography is the background. What does it have to do with the aircraft? Everything! You can tell the whole story of the aircraft, its type, use in history, and much more with the proper background. And in the case of this client, use of the aircraft (surveyed the Alps) and time of year. While the snow makes one believe it was shot in winter, it was not. Here’s the secret which really isn’t a secret yet a concept that seems to get overlooked. Planes have wings and can fly, anywhere! As in, you can fly up to the mountains where there is still snow even in late spring or summer down in the city. With some homework, you can literally change the whole story with some air time traveling to where you can find the background you want. You don’t have to have urban if you want forest, don’t have to have fields if you want industry. Or in this case, don’t want summer, winter can still be found.

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