Atlas 747-46NF captured by Z 9 / Z400f4.5

It’s actually real simple, just get out and shoot! Then when you’re done, shoot some more and that will keep your panning skills sharp. A quick review is to use proper handholding, then plant your feet and twist at the trunk following the subject. Bam! Proper handholding consists of pointing you left palm to the sky and having the lens barrel rest in your palm. Bring elbows into your sides, press the camera against your face and roll your finger on the shutter release to fire the camera. Panning consists of selecting the background you want, stand so when you’re shooting “straight ahead” is facing that background then follow your subject and firing when the background first appears in the viewfinder and continue firing until it disappears and continue to twist at the trunk until the camera finishes firing. Easy peasy!

4e Speedmail captured by D5 / 180-400VR

To take your photography to the next level, look for the uncommon background and drop your shutter speed. Shooting at ANC, when I saw the rainbow forming I moved so the incoming Atlas 747 would be at the right AGL to incorporate the rainbow in the background. For the Speedmail I dropped the shutter speed down to 1/20. Pushing is how you continually grow which goes for your photography and your client list. That photo of Atlas’s 747 and other I sent to corporate which we have now picked up as a client with this and additional images already being used in their communications. It might be cold but the photography can be hot with a little imagination and winter panning practice.

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