Waco UPF-7 captured by D500 / 24-70f2.8

Shooting statics in winter is in many ways a slam dunk. It’s time to get out with your camera! The biggie is the mellow light with the sun so close to the horizon. Shadows under the wings this time of year are at a minimum bringing out more detail. It begs us to get down lower, the angle of view bringing out more drama in the airframe. And the moisture winter brings adds to our photographs. Having the tarmac nice and black from being wet is a biggie. And if you can catch the puddles before they drain off (ramps are constructed to drain fast) you can use the puddles as a great reflection. Finally, the background can grab the imagination and provide that static aircraft a place to fly. Clouds also bring a romance to the shot while mellowing the light even more. Shooting statics in winter are the very definition of, bad weather can make the best photography. This makes winter storms great for ramp shoots!

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