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on Dec 31, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

Workshop Sign Up – Receive Print – Last Day!

I have a few sheets of paper left, a bunch of prints have gone out. Last Chance – this year!

Star Trails – Alabama Hills, CA Feb 15-17
Photoshop for Shooters – Mammoth Lakes, CA April 27-28
Mono Lake – Mammoth Lakes, CA May 17-19
Short Lens Course – Mammoth Lakes, CA 22-23 June
Photo Bi$ – Mammoth Lakes, CA 13-14 July
Photoshop for Shooters – Mammoth Lakes, CA 28-29 Sept
Mono Lake – Mammoth Lakes, CA 19-20 Oct
Short Lens Course – Mammoth Lakes, CA 2-3 November

There are all based in the beautiful Eastern Sierras, a region John Muir called the Range of light. A photographers paradise, it’s here waiting for you and your passion!

Sharon & I wanted to make signing up a little more special so for those who sign up for one of these workshops before 31 Dec, 2012 will receive a 22×17 autographed print of their choice (an image you find on either of my two websites that I’ve taken). Now, you can keep the print or give it to someone as a gift this Christmas. To sign up, give Sharon a call (9-5PST M-F) @ 760.924.8632 or 661.204.1506. Looking forward to shooting with you!

Here’s a couple of love notes from our recent Mono Lake & Photo Bi$ Class

The Sierra’s are an awesome location to photograph, having your insight from a photographic and historic perspective adds imensly to enhancing the experience. This was the best workshop I have attended. The kick off dinner at Giovanni’s really helped set the stage and alowed folks to meet. Focusing on shooting only helped us grow a bit at each shoot, I know I did. I really liked the diversity of the locations as it forced us to adapt. shooting Mono Lake three times really helped me. i know I said after the first sunrise that I had a hard time photographing Mono Lake but, the sunset was much better and I like the images from Sunrise better too. I like how you don’t setup a shot for everyone and we all shoot the same think. Rather, you expect and encourage us to make our images our own, very cool.
Tom Walker

fantastic Mono Lake workshop. I like your style of teaching and active critique in the field. I’ll be back!
Barney Koszalka

Wanted to thank you both again for a great weekend at your photo biz class.
Good news, I’ve been shooting a touring horse show that’s starting out in San Diego as the design firm that I work for is branding the show and we are using my images to create the show collateral. Yesterday our client emailed saying that they have the cover of Horseman’s News magazine. So while I haven’t sent a text photo package out yet, and my client paid for the cover I still wanted to share with you that one of my images will be on the cover of the December issue of Horseman’s News.
I’m putting what I learned to use, the first thing I did was research the magazine and I found out that they are the largest equine publication on the West Coast, printing 25,000 copies a month. Based on those numbers I was able to negotiate a nice usage fee with my client. Thanks for sharing all of your insight in the biz class and giving us the tools of the trade.

Ryan Skinner

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with you and Moose, and to learn so much. Oh my gosh, that business class has absolutely changed how I look at everything. The night the class ended, I started a complete re-write of my 1500 word article (desperately needed), have started shooting new pictures for it and am looking for an avenue to publish it.
I am looking at where photos are used everywhere…I had kind of looked at that before, but now I am looking harder than ever, which is opening up my mind to more ideas and possibilities. I just can’t express enough how great that class was and how thankful I am that I was able to attend.

Kristina Jacob

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