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on Sep 9, 2009 in WRP Photo Packs

WRP’s MP-7 Photopack

MP-7 with its contents

I travel way too much, often it’s to teach at an event or conference. I’m in and out in a couple of days and typically, wildlife photography is not on the menu. Some location or landscape photography is. I wanted a photopack to accomodate that need, and so the MP-7 was born.

Note: The MP-7 is a specialized bag for the experienced photographer. If you’re looking for an over padded camera pack, the MP-7 is not for you. In fact, the compartment flaps have no padding at all!

The MP-7 holds a lot of gear for such a small photopack! In its long lens compartment (vertical divider is not movable) I carry a D3 with 200VR lens attached and Buffalo 500GB drive below it. On the short lens side, I carry three lenses and a converter, typically the 14-24AFS, 24-70AFS, 105VR and 24PC. I have two SB-900s and all the cords, levels and filters needed for most landscape or location photography. Everything you see pictured above and a tad more goes in the MP-7. Yet, it can carry all of this while still being our secondest smallest bag in the line!

The MP-7 is a photopack based on the entire WRP MP photopack line, in a way. It has the same padding regime, the back panel, sides and interior dividers are padded but the main compartment flap is not. Because of my own personal needs, unlike anyother of our photopacks, the MP-7 has exterior side pockets. The side pockets can hold up to 3 SB-900s and SD-8a . Of course, you can put anything you want in the side pockets. The MP-7 has a outer flex pocket designed to hold a flash while you’re shooting, acting like a third hand if you need it.

MP-7The MP-7 overall dimensions are 16”x14”x 8.5” and weighs only 2.4lbs before you put all of your gear in it. It has two MP style padded shoudler straps but no waistbelt (you’d have to be pretty short to make that work). The MP-7 comes with 3 dividers and one zippered Velcro pocket. The flap has three, full size zippered pockets. The MP-7 is constructed out of 1000 Cordura and comes in two colors: Green & Black.

MP-7 closedBecause of its unique design, the zipper is tight going around all corners. This is also due to the “water repellent” design of the zipper and the tight curve of the corners.

To Order
Lots of TLC went into the design and construction of the MP-7 photopack. It’s now available to you for only $254 which includes shipping (FedEx ground) in the United States. Accessories such as extra padding for the shoulders, pockets and extra dividers are available. It’s your bag for life!

You can order your MP-7 by either our web store or by calling the WRP office – 760.924.8632 (M-F 9-5 PST)

Note: The MP series of photopacks has one main common trait, fitting in the overheads of the smallest planes while safely carrying massive amounts of camera gear. Some folks have wondered why we don’t have wheels on our packs. Wheels on packs make them impossible to fit in many overheads, defeating the whole design principle of the MP series. If you require wheels, you can do what many MP owners have done. They simply buy a wheelie cart and attach the MP to the cart. But we won’t be coming out with any packs with wheels, sorry!

Return Policy
The MP-7 can be returned if it is done within 30 days of receipt and is returned in new condition with all accessories included. Return Authorization must be obtained prior to returning in order to receive a refund.

The MP-7 is guaranteed against any material or workmanship defects for as long as you own the bag. Problems from abnormal wear or abuse, determined by the manufacturer and/or distributor is not guaranteed and all repairs are the responsibility of the bag owner. Any damage caused to gear being transported in the MP-1 caused by any reason is not covered and is not the responsibility of the manufacturer or distributor.

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