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on Nov 12, 2009 in Camera Tech, Just Out!

Yeap, I Have The D3s… And More!


Yeap, that’s right and not really that unexpected, I have the D3s and 70-200VR II and man, I wish I didn’t. I mean X-mas is just a month away and I’ve gone and spent all my gift money, now what do I do?

I will post more over the next week about the D3s and 70-200VR II as well as have a full review in the upcoming BT Journal but wanted to give you some early impressions. The D3s high ISO is just simply amazing! Shooting at ISO 1600 to the outrageous 10,465,877 or whatever the hell the top end is produces results I simply didn’t believe. The images I posted last night taken of dark subjects in low light with -1.5 dialed in had NO noise that would bother you in a 24×30 print. That’s just damn impressive!

Now the 70-200VR II, now we’re talking a wicked sharp lens! Yeah, it’s going to give the 200VR a freakin run for its money. It has been designed that with the Vignetting set to Normal in the camera to produce NO vignetting and after photographing a bunch of white walsl with and without flash at every f/stop, I can say it delivers.

Over the weekend I’ll post some images from serious shooting tomorrow so you can see for yourself.

And the video, video in a DSLR just doesn’t excite me. With that said, I have thought of a way that might make it interesting in creating new educational content which I’ll be working on at the end of the month. mk

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