The Yellowstone River prior to the June ’22 floods

At this point, many have heard about the floods that have scoured out the northern parts of Yellowstone Nat’l Park. While there was some real tragedy that took place, flooding is a natural event. Flooding use to be a common occurrence until man built dams in part to control flooding. In this case, the limited road system of Yellowstone took a hit in some sections prompting the closing of the park. It is now in stages of reopening with the southern loop now reopened. While this seems like a huge disaster, think of this from the perspective of the park, the trees, rocks, geysers and critters. The pandemic gave the park a chance to take a deep breath and now, with some natural house cleaning, an opportunity to renew and grow. It gets to do this without the pressure of us! Yellowstone is an amazing and gorgeous place for sure! Keep that in mind and look at the positive that the critters and the park’s infrastructure will get some sorely needed time to repair and improve!

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