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on Feb 3, 2021 in Field Reports

Yep, It’s the Best One!

Maggie captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8

Yep, I’ve shot with them all starting with the 80-200f4.5 way back in the day and hands down, the new Z70-200f2.8 is the sweetest, fastest, and sharpest of them all! You might think that this Field Report is just an excuse to post another cute photo of Maggie (and you’d be right) but it’s actually because I owe you a video on the lens and I’m waaaaaay behind! So, here ya go.

I’ve shot with the Z70-200f2.8 for over a month in pouring rain, dust storm, snow white-out, and down to -19 and it has delivered like no other version I’ve ever shot with! Even my old favorite the FX version. The image quality is just staggering which includes shooting with the Z1.4x (I don’t miss the vignetting at all!). Even in low light and no contrast, the combo of Z70-200f2.8 / Z1.4x focuses with no issue. I love the fact you can program the buttons on the Z70-200f2.8 for AF-ON operation so in the cold and low light with gloves on you can still shoot.

It is as heavy and the same basic length as its FX brother. As far as I am concerned its image quality is more than worth twice its price and better than the FX version. You can see above how sharp it is at f2.8 and how sweet that DoF is in bringing out them eyes of Maggie. And here’s the really important part of this Field Report, if you do not NEED f/2.8, then get the just as outstanding Z24-200 (which I also own and love). I will get that video done and more photo examples but I can honestly tell ya, yep, it’s the best one!

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