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on Dec 13, 2017 in Field Reports

Yes, D850 Detail Wins the Day!

Snow Geese
captured by D850 / 18-35AFS

I’ve been coming to witness the magic of Bosque del Apache for nearly thirty years. A major part of that magic is what we affectionately call “The Blastoff.” That’s when the thousands upon thousands of Snow Geese explode off the field or water and in mass fly overhead. It’s just absolutely one of the magnificent spectacles of the wild world. I’ve photographed it many times but the 24×30 prints have fallen short of bringing this wonder to life. This issue for me is the detail in each individual goose lacking, not clearly defined. That shortfall is now a thing of the past. The D850 / 18-35AFS captured that detail clearly bringing home for me the memory that has long been locked in my heart. So for me, there’s no doubt that yes, the D850 detail wins the day!

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