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on May 23, 2019 in Aviation

YOU Make it Happen!

Waco QCF-2 “Betsy”
captured by D5 / 70-200f4

Advance the clock a few years, a few client air-to-air photo missions in the can and there I was in California’s Central Valley photographing “Betsy” just after she got out of restoration. It was a pretty sweet honor to be invited to the private event and be accepted by basically all strangers who only knew me because of my images. I was sharing these photos with a friend after the fact who asked, “How’d you make that happen?” And that’s the key, I made it happen by simply pursuing a passion as professionally and with all the talent I could muster. This all manifested itself in the final photographs that the pilot received as big arse 24×30 prints. He is one happy client! But it didn’t happen overnight, I made it happen … you can make it happen and that’s the point!

Waco QCF-2 “Betsy”
captured by Z7 / Z14-30

Years ago I did an air-to-air photo mission and those prints and the story of that shoot reached Scott. He then hired me to photograph his aircraft over the Golden Gate which turned out to be pretty cool. Then Scott told the owner of “Betsy” about me, the shoot and my photography and then I got the call. And in between all of this shooting, there are the all-important communications, relationships that are personal and professional making things happen. Photographers look at other’s photos and think it’s the gear that lead to the success, in this case only four pieces, D5 / 70-200f4 and Z7 / Z14-30. But it was actually much more before because this is just the current gear. There is, of course, the talent and skill and craftsmanship that goes with that gear. The techniques and vision that brings life to the still image of a moving object. More important is the persistence in crafting the perfect 24×30 prints. But the most important element is YOU! You have to push this all up to the hill, every day, 24/7/365. Never lose sight that when all is said and done, the photographic success you enjoy comes from you and nothing else. YOU make it happen!

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