feed captured from the Z 9 while shooting stills

I’ve been spending a whole lot of time in the backyard shooting gallery photographing all the critters in the falling snow. It’s been nonstop action and a ton of fun. It’s also provided me we a great laboratory to keep learning more and more about the truly amazing Z 9. I’ve been totally engrossed in the two dozen Red-shafted Flickers that have come to our woodpecker feeders. The aggression they show to each other in competition for the suet is something I’ve never seen before. They are downright nasty to each other. It’s been memorizing and fascinating. And then I took note of the AF Sensor action and was sucked in watching it do its magic. That’s when it struck me to share it with you.

I hooked up a Ninja V and it recorded what I was seeing through the EVF. You’re seeing in the video above exactly what I was seeing as I shot. I put the AF sensor on the eye and then depressed the back-button AF-ON and the Z 9 did all the rest. The fact there is no blackout while I’m shooting stills is still very cool to me. But to the point, watch how the Z 9’s 3D Animal Eye-Detection keeps up in the low light, low contrast of a snowy day with the frantic drilling action of the flicker. I never used 3D until the Z 9 and I now swear by it. Yes, the still images are sharp, the eye is tack sharp! Seriously, the Z 9 3D autofocus … wow!

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