Z 9 / WR-R11a / SB-5000

The Z 9 utilizes the same Nikon Wireless Flash System that has been part of the Nikon line for the past six-plus years. There is a few updates to the system since then, mostly software (make sure you’re using the most current firmware) but one recent one is hardware. Nikon brought out the WR-R11a about a year ago and to me, it’s worth the price. It replaces the WR-R10 which works with the Z 9 and its ten-pin socket. The WR-R11a is a more robust unit with a hinge at the ten-pin socket preventing the unit from being accidentally hit and broken off (WR-R10 has no hinge). Both units work WR-T10 Remote that permits you to fire the camera taking a still(s) or start and stop video recording. You can pair up to 18 flashes with the unit with a working distance of about seventy feet and remotely fire the camera from about one hundred feet.

There are a couple of Menu items in the Z 9 that are grayed out until the WR-R10 / WR-R11a are attached. One is the Photo Shooting Menu (see below) and in the SetUp > Wireless remote (WR) options. Once a unit is inserted into the ten-pin both menu items become active. SetUp > Wireless remote (WR) options have to do with how the two units talk with each other, Pin or Paired. The other as you see in the video below has to do with how you work with thet wireless flash. Hopefully that covers all the questions. If not, don’t hesitate to reach out.
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