Eyecup on the Z 9

I have a jutting out eyebrow bone, enough so that I need an eyecup. I use the eyecup as a shock absorber between me and the camera. I pull the camera in hard against my eye to give it support when shooting. The DK-33 eyecup that comes with the Z 9 isn’t enough rubber for my eyebrow, it hurts when I pull it in tight. With the larger circle to permit the EVF sensor to work properly, previous eyecups don’t work so I’ve been on a hunt for an eyecup that will fit that diameter. I found one on Amazon, have made it work, and shot with it for a while. Here’s the hack if you wanna try it for yourself.

Eyecup locking button

You start by removing the DK-33 from the Z 9. You do that by depressing the Eyecup locking button and turning it. It comes off really easily. WARNING!!! What comes next will toast your DK-33 and at the time of the posting of this blog, they were not available yet to replace one if you damage it in this process. I have not tried to “undo” what comes next so consider yourself warned. With the DK-33 removed, you peel off the rubber ring on the DK-33 and then “pop off” the thin, metal retaining ring that is on the DK-33. This will leave you with just a plastic ring your are going to attach the new eyecup to and reattach to the Z 9.

The rubber and metal ring that come off the DK-33

The eyecup I found that you see in the top photo that works perfectly on the Z 9 is the JJC EN-DK29II available on Amazon. The JJC EN-DK29II has a plastic mounting ring of its own so it can be used on a Z 7II / Z 6II. The eyecup just peels off the plastic mount just like it does with the DK-33. Peel it off and then simply slip it over the ring left from the DK-33. Rotate it back on the Z 9 and you’re good to go. At this point in time, I’ve shot quite a bit with it and it has not fallen off on its own and has survived in/out of the camera bag. As I said, it’s not perfect or ideal. For me, for the moment, it is more comfortable than the DK-33. Hope this helps.

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