Blue Jay captured by Z 9 / Z100-400 w/Z 2x

Subject size in the frame is often an important criterion in photography. Wildlife photography tends to want that subject frame filling. And there are times when you can’t get close physically so you depend on glass. That’s where often the teleconverter steps in. Nikon just released their new Z100-400 which is a gorgeous lens! Incredibly well balanced, built like a tank, and features a new, anti-creep technology that works brilliantly. I recently spent time with a lovely lady who owns a Z100-400 and is very generous and shares it. I spent time with it with the Z2x attached photographing birds at Big Sable State Park (great feeders there attracting birds). Shooting handheld from around the corner of the warming hut, the effective 800 f/11 performed brilliantly! The AutoFocus even in the low, dark light was spot on keeping up with the activity of the birds and the resulting images, beautifully sharp. It’s easy for me to recommend this great lens and teleconverter combo to you. I had a lot of fun shooting with it, thanks Carol!

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