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on Dec 19, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Z6 Side Note

Greater Roadrunner
captured by Z6 / 500PF

“Yeah, but is the Z6 sharp?” I think the question is more, “can the files that the Z6 produce create a quality image? The resounding answer from me and what I’m finding from our Z6 is a resounding YES! The 24×30 prints from the Z6 are stunning and strictly from a business point of view, I don’t hesitate for a heartbeat pulling the Z6 to shoot a job.

Here’s a Greater Roadrunner from a week ago shot with the Z6 / 500PF. I zoomed in on just the Roadrunner and while it’s just a cropped Jpeg of the original file, you can still see all that fine detail as it was anting. I don’t hesitate for a moment recommending the Z6 to you!

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