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on Aug 22, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Z7 – Mirrorless Reinvented

Z7 photo courtesy Nikon

If I was being truly honest with you, this blog post would be blank. That’s because the Z7 has left me … speechless!

In my years, I have seen a release or two of a new product. The Z7 (Z6 coming later) like no other has my creative mind spinning, and it hurts (Order yours now!)! Are you wondering what has my imagination on overdrive? How about you can instantly use over 380 of YOUR Nikkor lenses right off the bat with the Z7?! With the FTZ adapter (which is a ROCK!) you can use 90 of your Nikkor lenses just like you use them on your DLSR! Yep, full AF and AE operation right along with all the new features of the Z7. You have the gorgeous 14-24AFS and always wanted a VR version? Now you have it because the VR in the Z7 (5 stops) transforms your lens into VR. But I’m digressing here a bit.

The Z7 has 493 AF points, 90%, let me repeat, 90% coverage of the sensor. That’s true whether using one of the new spectacular Z Lenses (35f1.8, 50f1.8, 24-70f4) or the Nikkors in your bag. Let’s talk about the new lenses. Holly %&#(#)!!! At this point in time, there is no one word to describe the quality they deliver to the Z7 45MP sensor. All I can think of right now is, Brain Vision Sharpness, the sharpness we see with our eyes that we kinda take for granted but which we judge all other sharpness. Until YOU see the images on your computer monitor will you understand what I’m trying to say. There’s this really cool video that is so well done that explains the optical science, check it out.

Now, this AF system, is brilliant! The AF sensor when active is red, it turns green when that point is in focus. The AF is so fast, it keeps up with a moving subject with ease, still AND video! The Z7 has a new AF mode, Pinpoint that, well, until you see the camera can you truly grasp how bloody accurate it is. It’s not your dad’s autofocus folks!

Talk about grasping, it’s just like grabbing your DSLR! Big grip, thumb point, extended EVF permitting perfect hand-holding even while shooting video viewing THROUGH the EVF! It uses the D850 / D750 batteries and its own battery you can charge via USB. It even works with the iTTL wireless system (WR-10). It’s smaller and lighter than the D850 WHILE having the same type magnesium body AND weather proofing. And the menu system, you guessed it, it’s just a tick or two different from what you are used to. No learning curve. How sweet is that?!

And with all that I’ve written is, it barely scratches the surface of this gorgeous tool! The Z7 compliments your current DSLR system beautifully. It’s a tool that masters light, something Nikon does like no others.


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