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K&M Adventures

Fun is Just a Click Away!

K&M Adventures hits the road in 2015 with adventures set to do one thing, have fun behind the camera! Along with my best bud and shooting companion of the last three decades, Kevin Dobler, we will take you to places are at times very common and other no one has ventured to before to explore with your camera. The goal of K&M is to inspire you to never leave your home without your camera, make the most of every click and not be afraid of Photoshop. We’re doing to wear you out, make your sides hurt and probably bring home a click or two you will always treasure as your best!


We are extremely excited to announce K&M Air Adventure for 2015. We are incredibly excited to have access to the amazing aircraft and facilities at Minot, ND. We have a minimum of six warbirds, B-25, Zero, Corsair, Warhawk just to mention a few and some gorgeous antiques like a Waco. And we’re going to be there twice in 2015! It’s limited to 6 shooters, price is $1695 with air to air being extra and the price based on the package you select (starting at $800). The weekend includes ground school, static shooting, night shooting with prop turning, bombers, fighters, biplanes and more. Air to air is a minimum of 30min air time with one aircraft.

We’ll be in Minot, ND 26-28 June and 11-13 Sept, 2015. And we’re heading back to Mesa, AZ in 2015 in 17-19 April and in the fall (Dates TBA). We were there this past weekend and had a great time with lots of flights, lots of aircraft and lots of laughs. We are very excited to be able to offer these again and can’t wait for you to join us. If you’re ready to take your photography to new heights ($1695 50% deposit due on registration), give Sharon a call 760-924.8632 (9-5 PST) MTF

(all scheduled aircraft are not guaranteed as aircraft do break down)



K&M Adventures is going to Costa Rica!
January, 2015 we're taking 6 folks (2 opening) to the most amazing, once in a lifetime photographic adventure! The site where I shot the D7100 campaign for Nikon, is a hidden Shan-gri-la  like no other region I've ever photographed in before. We weren't even birding and we saw 108 new species of birds, three species of Kingfisher just on our kayak float! You wake up to the call of Howler Monkeys and the magnificent White Hawk flying overhead. The buzz of thousands of hummingbirds, a dozen species escort you on your walk around the lodge and I haven't even scratched the surface of the beauty that's awaiting! Some days, you might not even leave the veranda of the lodge, as there is so much great bird photography just steps from where you had breakfast. And then there are the short trips to the beach with the Black Mangrove Hawk and Macaws.

We are staying at the amazing Luna Lodge and have the most amazing guide Gary the entire week. The dates are 18-24 January, 2015. Price is $4395 (covers instruction/guides/entrance fees/transportation once at the lodge) and the group rate for airfare to and from San Jose to Luna Lodge, lodging in the bungalows, 3 gourmet meals is $2395. We are looking at a Sunday arrival at the lodge, following Saturday departure.

This will be the only time we're planning on taking a group to this gorgeous locale. I was hesitant to do it this time, not really sure I want to share it, it is that amazing. Hope you can make the journey with us. You will come back not only with amazing photos, but also changed!

And you can bring your spouse! Yeap, the Lodge has made the special package pricing available to non-photographer spouses who want come to Costa Rica, hit the spa, enjoy the views while you slave away behind the camera photographing all the hummingbirds, hawks and monkeys. This is a once in a lifetime adventure we hope you can join us on!

Smoky fog horse 0506
K&M Adventures is going to the Smokie Mountains 13-17 May, ’15!
This is such a gorgeous place in spring with fog covered landscapes, young Black Bear cubs, waterfalls and carpets of wildflowers. We’re taking a small group there to share this great part of our wild heritage. We’ll be based in Townsend, TN and flying in and out of Knoxville, TN.

That’s it?
Where are all the other K&M Adventures? Well, it’s a long story but the bottom line, we have such a loyal group of returnees that they kinda book Kevin & I to do private trips just for them like Bald Eagles in AK. So since they are filled instantly, we just don’t advertise them all. How do you get in on this? Sign up for Moose News (lower right corner of the page) or call the office and talk with Sharon.

Love Notes:

Bob from Monument Valley Adventure
I also wanted to thank you and Kevin again for the great time at K&M.

I absolutely loved the emphasis on shooting. And shooting with both of you, right there in such a small group, directly impacted improvement in both my technique and thinking about what I was doing. Especially our discussions on the subject and thinking about how you will finish the photograph while you are in the field.

At the same time, I got more out of the informal processing sessions in moving my post work forward than anything I have taken before. I think it was because I could actually try out something real time and ask questions to get past the typical hurdles one gets into when trying a new Photoshop technique – and then cement the knowledge by doing it a couple times more while you both were sitting right there.. Getting help on the Wacom was huge too and now it is part of my workflow instead of just sitting in a box. Also, while I am not trying to become a Kevin or Moose clone, I really appreciate the comments about the photos I showed you from time to time as it helped develop my perspective on trying to create the best image I can.

Carol from Grand Canyon Adventure
Unforgettably wonderful!

That’s how I’d describe my experience with you and Kevin in the Grand Canyon. . . in two words. . . because I know you prefer short e-mails. But, I just can’t leave it at those two words, as perfectly descriptive as they are. My time last week in the Grand Canyon was a marvelous, once in a lifetime experience, not only because it was my first visit to see the exquisite beauty of the Grand Canyon but also because I had the privilege of taking photographs along side you. Thank you so very much. I had a great time and I learned. The most important thing I learned from you was to figure out what the subject of the photograph is before I take it. That one piece of counsel from you had the biggest effect on me during the workshop as I assessed the views and tried to decide what the photograph would convey, instead of mindlessly snapping away just because. At the same time, that one caution will also save me some disk space as the size of the D800 files is quickly gobbling up precious space on my drives.

Karen from Oregon Coast Adventure

I am planning to go to Vegas!!! I wanted to say a big thank you for all your help last week on your Oregon Coast workshop. I learned so much and plan to go on another one after I digest all the info from this one!

Anne from Oregon Coast Adventure

Yes, I will echo Karen’s reply about last week. Going through photos today and they are just fantastic. Some nice keepers. Your workshops are jammed packed. I was so exhausted, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Looking forward to Costa Rica and more. I learned so much on this trip and it will really help me go to the next level. Thanks so much Moose.