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on Jul 28, 2009 in Camera Tech, Camera Gear Posts

#1, image protection!

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When I’m on the road, making sure the images are protected and get home safe is top priority! That’s why I have relied on the Epson image safes since they first came out. Here you see Sharon with her Epson P5000 and I with the P7000 (Sharon has the hand me down) sitting by the fire in the lodge looking at our images we just copied from the evening shoot.As you can see, we found a bear or two to photograph our first night at the falls.

When on the road, I COPY my cards to the P7000 before I upload them to the notebook. I don’t edit the image in the P7000, rather it’s a safe that gets all of my images back to the office and it works like a charm, saving my butt twice in the past. With the amazing battery life of the P7000 (can upload 8-9 16GB cards on 1 battery), I can load and look at all my images on its large, gorgeous screen. I have 3 spare batteries which I know will take care of 10 days of shooting. My only question is, will the P7000’s harddrive hold all the image from the week from the D3x (yeah, you can view D3x raw files on the P7000). Time will tell.

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