Walker Lake 2 image pano captured by Z 6II / Z14-24f2.8

The winds were howling in Hawthorne, NV as we pulled over on the shore of Walker Lake. The clouds we’d seen long before arriving at the lake were already in NY by the time we parked. The scene was charging that fast so my original thought about an image had changed many times. I stepped out of the truck at first with the Z70-200 but by the time I turned, I knew I needed wide. Grabbed the Z14-24f2.8 and put the camera to my eye and knew that wasn’t wide enough either. I love shooting at 14mm but as you can see here, a bunch of drama was not in the viewfinder. That’s when I knew I had to take a two image pano to bring in the all the drama. It’s so easy to do today! In ACR, bring in both images, click on making a pano, and done. The morale of the story, when working with a fleeting scene and you need to do wide, a two image pano can be faster than changing lenses!

Walker Lake captured by Z 6II / Z14-24f2.8

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