Gray Wolf captured by Z 9 / 180-400VR

With no warning, the wolf popped up over the river bank! There was a hoard of people up the river and apparently it couldn’t make its way past them. I guess the two of us standing there seemed safer so up it came with no warning and for only a moment. The Z 9 was set to fire 20fps, the AF to 3D Animal detection and within seconds, the card was writing over 200 images as I laid on the hammer and panned with the passing surprise. With a press of a button and with no real thought on my part, the Z 9 came to life did its job so I could do mind. I kinda pride myself in my handholding and panning but one thing I don’t practice is staying calm when a wolf surprises me with an appearance! My heart was still pounding out of my chest thirty minutes later from the encounter of a lifetime I’ve long been in search of. I have no clue what it was doing during the moment. I honestly don’t think any other camera body / lens combo I’ve shot with prior to the Z 9 could have made the images happen, a couple of hundred times. It has permitted me to relive the fleeting moment over and over again with all, not 89% or 99% keepers, but 100% keepers of that passing wolf. For my own photography, I know a camera can make a difference!

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