“Racer” captured by Z 9 / Z50f1.2 w/Profoto A10 w/Snoot

I woke up with all the good intentions of going out and photographing the birds on The Ranch this morning especially with the Goshawk so busy picking off flickers. But when I saw it was -8, yeah …… no. I still wanted to shoot so I thought for a moment and said I really want to do some aviation shooting and then it dawned on me. Brent & Katt added to my plane Christmas ornament collection last year a cool racer I hadn’t photographed yet. I gathered up the Z 9, the Z50f1.2, Profoto A10 with snoot and went about making a click. I went with the Z50f1.2 because I just love, love, what it does with backgrounds at f1.2. I mean, why would you buy such a lens to shoot it at anything but, f1.2. The lights you see in the background are a mere four inches away from the ornament. The LED lights have a color cast I don’t really like and I wanted a little directional light on the plane. The Profoto A10 was on a SmallRig stand with the snoot clicked in plane. The modeling light was used for placement and then I just went, click! There are two problems with the photo. It was way too easy to do so I was done in a flash still itching to shoot more. And then Sharon had to point one out. She said, “what about the prop blur?” There’s always one in the crowd :-)

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