Air Zoo – Hangar #1 3-image pano captured by Z 9 / Z40f2

The Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum in Kalamazoo, MI is a brilliant facility! They have one-of-a-kind aircraft like the XP-55 as well as the simple Piper Cub and everything else in between. Their volunteers are a wealth of information for those wanting to learn even more than the exhaustive displays share. It’s a great place to do your visual, mental, and photographic homework in prep for an upcoming shoot. In hangar #2 there is a marvelous Guadalcanal exhibit that leads into the main hangar with killer aircraft you can walk right up to and photograph cleanly. Hangar #3 was my favorite though, that’s where they do the restoration currently working on two aircraft that crashed in Lake Michigan during training in WWII. The Wildcat and SBD are right there along with those talented folks bringing them back to life. Talked with one craftsman working on the SBD who was a fountain of information. He was very kind to take 30min of his time to converse and educate us. That’s the kinda place the Air Zoo is and recommend it to you whole heartily!
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