Me in a Stearman doing barrel roles having the time of my life captured by D3x / 16Fish

Knowing the question to ask in photography to get the answer you need, when you need it to make the photograph, can be the hardest question of all! It’s not like the obvious question asked just before you do a set of barrel roles … is your seat belt on, camera secured? The only dumb question to me is the one not asked. On the other hand, asking questions as a short cut to not spending some time doing research won’t get you anywhere either. The answers that stick and therefore do us good are answers we actually have to do a little work for. When the answer is just given to us, a couple of things happen. First, since it was just “given” to use we question the answer rather than thinking about and applying it. Second and probably more to the point, we forget the answer, especially when we need it the most, so what we were supposed to have learned is forgotten. Just looking from the outside in, it seems that too many are looking for that easy answer in the shortest time cheating ourselves of the process and the benefits of learning. There are rewards asking, and the question is?

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