Ryan captured by D5 / 24-20f2.8

Have you ever wanted to photograph an aircraft on the ramp in gorgeous sunrise light but have not had access to one? Would you like to learn how to make that shot so romantic the viewer can invasion that aircraft overhead in flight? Has the thought of making aviation photography a paying passion entered your mind? Many have which is why we’re offering an aviation static shoot morning workshop for 20 shooters for just $248! I want to encourage more to be a part of this exciting genre of photography so offering this workshop which will cover everything I’ve mentioned and so much more. Click here and join us, won’t you!

Moose Peterson's

Aviation Seminar

Presented Live in the Classroom or Your Computer Simultaneously!

I'm bringing to you all I have learned romancing the skies with those gorgeous flying machines. We're talking hours of live presentations with images, charts, gear, and live demonstrations that you can take to the airfield and use to bring back those great images. To learn more and to get your Boarding Pass, simply click on this banner and then put up your trays and fasten your seatbelts, we're taking off!

Watch and rewatch it for 6 months afterwards!

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