caption – yeah … got nuttin

Sharon, Maggie, and I were coming back from our outing to Lake Como. We were northbound on Hwy 93, just passing through Victor when there on the left was Bigfoot, in the full sun riding a zero-turn mower mowing the grass! Seriously! The Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8 were in the back ready to go but there was no place to stop, no place to turn around. So, I have no photo, just a story which to be honest with you, knowing it comes from me, sounds fishy. And yet, if I had the photo I wouldn’t have to write any of this. I could simply post the photo and you would see Bigfoot riding a zero-turn mower mowing. You’d probably smile, maybe even chuckle and then go on your way. And with a simple click, I could have brightened your day. That’s the power of a photograph … never forget that you have the power when you share your world, your passion through your photography … you can change someone’s world!

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