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on Sep 24, 2014 in Camera Tech, Gear Just Introed!

Bringing In the Movement

I’ve written many, many times about how with still images, we need to use any number of techniques to bring movement to our subject. The most common is simply panning. Well, it seems this holds true for video even though it’s a moving medium. While I’m not trying to become a rockin videographer, I would like those times I do shoot video to do a better than average job. This means upping the game so now I’m looking at bringing movement into this moving medium.

The first and seemingly easiest way of introducing this movement to video is what is called a Slider. So, Brent & I went looking at sliders. Did you know that the good ones are bloody expensive, like in the thousand and thousands of dollars?! Not knowing a thing about them and finding renting not practical, I went looking for a cost effective slider that would be a good tool to learn with. I found the Revo 23″ Camera Track Slider and I’m impressed how well simple works.


As you see, the Slider is in a sense just a long camera rail. But in this case, there is a platform on it that can slide, really smoothly. On the Revo I mounted a RRS plate on the bottom so I could mount it to a tripod (it comes with short legs so it can go right on the ground). I then added a small RRS ballhead to the slider platform so I could attach the Nikon 1 V3 and change its orientation. In the top video, I simply pushed the V3 across the slider in front of the Corsair and you can see that effect. The second video, while I slide the V3 across the slider, I rotated the whole assembly on the tripod using the panning motion of the tripod head. Now the UPS man had only delivered this rig an hour before I shot these so these are just the first tests. Tests to me only count when set up in the real world (yes, I know that’s a model), so I took time to find the location, the lighting and set the angle of view. So for my first tests, I was pleased. Pleased that the Revo did such a great job for only pennies. Bummed I have a long ways to go and now, have another tool to figure out how to get around in my luggage.

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