Least Bittern captured by Z 9 / 500PF w/1.4x

I love the Z 9, love it! But this old dog has got to learn some new tricks. One being, my old habit of shooting 3-5 in-camera dupes means just that and not 300-500 like I did yesterday. At 20fps and with the image all being in focus because of its amazing AF, the Z 9 makes it way too easy for me just to blast away. It’s so much fun until it’s midnight, Photo Mechanic is long done uploading the images and you’re going through all the images. Thankfully, there were all these great little gems from the morning shoot that keep appearing like this Least Bittern. A bird smaller than your fist is common but rarely seen. We had a great shoot with it producing some fun images. I knew it was there and I was so happy to find it buried in that 15k!

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