Sky Pilot Peak captured by Z 9 / Z70-200f2.8

One of my favorite times to be out with romantic light on the landscape is after winter storms. The landscape is blanketed in white and the clouds are busy jostling for what remains of the moisture. The scene is in total flux as the winds push it all westward. At one moment there is nothing to photograph and the next, you can’t point and shoot fast enough. And there is no more romantic medium for the chase than B&W! That’s how it was yesterday afternoon as we traveled down the Bitterroot enjoying the views. The only challenge on the icy roads was finding a place to pull over safely, fast enough to make the shot as they were happening left and right as we drove.
I was out with the Z 9 shooting B&W. The Z 6II / Z 7II do a gorgeous job with B&W right out of the camera B&W files, I wanted to experience the Z 9 B&W update and it’s gorgeous! In a heartbeat, I made quick changes to my Picture Control settings and I was off to the races. A change I made that I didn’t see coming was to the firing rate. I don’t need 40 frames of a rock so I have to get use to changing the FPS when shooting landscapes. It was fun though, the Z 9 rips!

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