Calibrite today released their latest Profiler and it does make a difference! Along with the newly released calibration devices, they have uped the precision in calibration so our eyes can better work their magic at the monitor! What’s new, why update? Those are great questions, let me see if I can put it simply because there is a whole lot of color science and management involved and during class, my eyes tend to glass over taking it all in.

In a nutshell, this version supports the new SL and HL calibration devices as well as allowing the HL devices to provide a P3 sized gamut for Apple XDR displays. I found messing with a old Windows box, it produced a “cleaner” profiler permitting me to see more info in highlights and shadows. And a really nice snap on my new Macs.

When it comes to finishing images, I use my eyes and not numbers in the process. This system I use, which is based on shooting for the subject and finishing for the light, it is essential that the monitor is accurately calibrated so the very subtle moves I make translates to the finished image. This is the first reason why I calibrate the iMac M1 every Tuesday morning and the M2 MacBook Pro every other Wednesday morning. The second and most important reason I calibrate is for consistent content year after year after year.

As you can see, I use the Display Plus HL for these two computers and along with the new profiler. You want to get look at how I calibrate, I invite you to watch my recently posted video on the subject. I’m giddy with the updates and the results they produce. I can’t encourage you strongly enough to get Calibrite’s new devises & profiler!

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