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on Dec 30, 2011 in Moose's Print Lab

Can You Help Me with My Printing?

We’ve had a whole lot of folks contact us since the posting of Moose’s Print Lab seeking printing assistance. Some are looking for actual, push the button make a print help. I regret I don’t have a big classroom full of printers that I can help folks, right now there seem to be a real need for that. I hate not being able to help folks but in these regards, I’m pretty limited. All I can offer you is the Print Lab here on the site, our Photoshop for Shooters which covers everything up to pushing the button on the printer and our PTs. A Private Tutoring session is a one at a time class in our office. Those who want help printing, we could do it this way which would be the usual PT cost plus the cost of materials. I will work on a more “mass” class but right now, that’s all I can do to help. I really want folks to share their images, printing is a great way to do it so don’t get frustrated, you can do it!

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