Moose Print Lab Weekend

Dates: 25-26 March, 2017
Time: 9am – 4pm
Location: Westin Resort, Mammoth Lakes, CA
Price: $395*
Limit to 20 participants
What to bring: Camera gear, computer, images and passion
Registration: Sharon Peterson 661.204.1506

*2 nights stay at Westin required for this price.

A Class YOU Should Take!

Check it out, you might just have found just what your photography needs, now! 05-06 May & 22-23 Sept 2012. 760.924.8632

Just a couple of Love Notes
Hi Moose and Sharon,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank both of you for a very well run Photoshop for Shooters class last weekend. Thank you Moose for imparting such great tips and techniques and thank you Sharon for keeping us all hydrated.

I don’t call myself a photographer; I think that should be reserved for those making a living with their cameras. But I do enjoy the creative process and challenges of making clicks both behind the lens and in front of my computer display. And I can already see a difference in my finished images as a result of your presentation.

Prior to attending Photoshop for Shooters, the only other classes I had attended were Kelby Training sessions when they have come to Hartford; one by Scott and the other given by Ben Wilmore. And while they were very well done, I learned more from you in the first hour.

Like a few others on Google Plus, I’ll throw my 2 cents in for restaurant recommendations in Lake Placid: The View at Mirror Lake Inn and The Brown Dog Cafe and Wine Bar. My wife and I enjoyed both when we were there in 2010. The photo I used as the ‘Stump Moose’ photo was taken just a few feet from The Brown Dog.

Again, thank you and have a great time shooting and teaching this week.

Best wishes,

Ed Judge

I wanted to take the time and express my appreciation to you and Moose for a great weekend in the Photoshop for Shooters class. It was not only entertaining but very informative. Moose did an excellent job of leading us through his workflow and camera settings as well as looking for the light. I’d highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a clear and concise weekend to learn more about Photoshop and shot in an amazing environment. I look forward to taking a workshop taught by Moose in the future. Thanks again for all your hard work!

Kerry Frank

RC Talks Epson R3000

My bud RC has the perfect answer for those wanting to print but don’t have the budget for the Epson 4900 or 7900. Check out this intro video and the rest RC produced on the Epson R3000, a really excellent printer! Here’s where you can find all of RC’s videos on the R3000. And you might wanna check out RC’s blog post yesterday where he rips off and tells the world how I ship my prints, before I go to! :-)

Can You Help Me with My Printing?

We’ve had a whole lot of folks contact us since the posting of Moose’s Print Lab seeking printing assistance. Some are looking for actual, push the button make a print help. I regret I don’t have a big classroom full of printers that I can help folks, right now there seem to be a real need for that. I hate not being able to help folks but in these regards, I’m pretty limited. All I can offer you is the Print Lab here on the site, our Photoshop for Shooters which covers everything up to pushing the button on the printer and our PTs. A Private Tutoring session is a one at a time class in our office. Those who want help printing, we could do it this way which would be the usual PT cost plus the cost of materials. I will work on a more “mass” class but right now, that’s all I can do to help. I really want folks to share their images, printing is a great way to do it so don’t get frustrated, you can do it!

Moose’s Print Lab – Calibration

Calibration of monitors is important, but I do it for reasons, like most things I do, for reasons different then most. Here’s a reposting of a video I did on calibration and here’s a new blog posting on my take on calibration. Hope it helps a little. mtc

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