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on Dec 22, 2011 in WRP Ed Zone, Moose's Print Lab

Moose’s Print Lab Class

The question of the day, “Will I be teaching a class on printing?” The answer is, I already am! Photoshop for Shooters is all about creating the best possible image/file for printing. The picture taking process is directly related to the printing process. The photo finishing process is directly related to the printing process. The act of hitting P and setting the printer to work is just the proof that everything you’ve done prior to that moment was correct. Just understanding that the statement “You profile your monitor so your prints match” is a myth which we talk about in class might solve all of your printing problems. You print to match your heart, not your monitor and we talk a lot about that. We spend two days talking printing! This wintery scene I wish was taken recently but we have no snow. Ba Humbug!!!! This scene was taken earlier this year at the Firehole River. I knew I was going to print this B&W so the challenge was...

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on Dec 21, 2011 in Field Reports, Moose's Print Lab

Moose Print Lab – 4900 icc

I’ve received a whole bunch of email in regards to the new Moose’s Print Lab. To be totally honest, the response has been quite overwhelming, the response. I really wasn’t prepared for it. It would seem I totally underestimated the desire of folks to print. The common thread in all the response is the desire to learn the “KISS” methodology to printing. I hear ya and I’m working on some material for you put. One thing I heard a lot about from folks is they don’t have and can’t find the profiles for the Epson 4900 for the Signature Worthy Papers, the Hot & Cold. I went looking for a download and like folks had reported, I didn’t readily find them either. So here are the profiles I have. I’m a PC guy and honestly don’t know if they work on Mac. But it’s all I got.I gotta get back to writing,...

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