American Goldfinch captured by Z 9 / Z600f4 TC@840mm

I was out yesterday in my usual spot in the yard photographing the happening at “the quad.” The quad is four separate seed feeders that draws in all sorts of little guys. It’s right next to a wild rose bush which they love for protection. American Goldfinches are here all year and always bring some cheer even on a gray day. I saw this individual and at first glance thought it must have some issue. I took a few shots of it as that’s how I keep a record of such things and went on to photographing other species/individuals. I was quite surprised when I went through my images to discover what’s “wrong” with this individual is not some illness, but that it’s molting into its spring plumage. Already!!! It’s a male and those couple specs of black are its summer cap. This is early February, this is really early for up in the Rockies. Goes with some others who have been reporting to me down south. Spooky, glad I have photos cause otherwise can’t believe my eyes.

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