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on Jul 25, 2018 in Aviation

What a Marvelous Osh Day!

It was anything but a typical day for us at the EAA Airventure, commonly known as Osh. It’s the first time I’ve even presented at Osh and when I got off the stage, I was told it wouldn’t be the last. Such a marvelous audience! At the end a gentleman came up upset that he had missed it all, time change got him so he was an hour late. The nicest guy, he had so many things, all very kind that he got a little chocked up. That’s why we come to Osh! Then we did the first of five book signings this week. Man, that was still more amazing folks coming up to talk and share. Then if that wasn’t enough, saw some great old friends that we’d lost touch with, that was special. And then, yes there is more, our dear friends Flydaddy and family arrived who we spent most of the rest of the day with. Enjoying Osh through the eyes of twelve year olds what...

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on Jul 20, 2018 in Aviation

My Osh Gear 2018

I’m changing up how I photographically work an airshow this Osh. In the past, the long lens (Nikkor 180-400VR) would hang from my shoulder all day. By the end of the day, my shoulder would be darn tired. And I was always nervous it would take a fatal hit hanging there. So this year it’s going to be safely tucked away except for like during the airshow in the MP-7. The MP-7 also permits me to carry my chair and rain shell hands free so the Nikon D5 / Nikkor 24-70VR that will be hanging from my shoulder can be quickly used. I’ve not done it this way before so I look forward to seeing how theory meets the tarmac! In our MP-7 is: Nikkor 180-400VR Nikkor 105f1.4 AFS Nikkor 18-35AFS Nikkor 8-15Fish Nikon Rapid Strap SB-5000 WR-R10 Nikon Polarizer: 40.5mm for 180-400 / 82mm On my shoulder is: Nikon D5 Nikkor 24-70VR Peak...

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on Jun 26, 2018 in Aviation

I’ll be Signing at Osh!

We are “over the top” excited to be spending the week at EAA AirVenture next month AND signing my book, Takeoff. Many are already asking if we’ll be there. If you’re thinking of going, or know you’re going, we want to invite you to stop by and say hi, get your (or gift) book signed (they will be there for sale of course) and ask any questions that I might be able to help with. Here’s my schedule: Day / DateTimeLocation Tues 07.2409:45-10:45Wearhouse Wed 07.2508:30-09:30Sky Shoppe Thurs 07.2608:30-09:30Sky Shoppe Fri 07.2710:00-11:00Welcome Center Tent Sat 07.2809:45-10:45Wearhouse Sharon & I will be at the event all week and if not signing books or working with folks, on the flight line shooting. Please, if you see us and want to say hi or converse, walk up and introduce yourself! Can’t wait!!!! Cya...

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on Jun 5, 2018 in Aviation

“Hit & Miss”

Our Normandy Bound project just keeps on going, even in the rain! Sharon & I flew in early for Photoshop World so I could spend time with my favorite C-47 and see the progress made in the prior few weeks. While my planning was spot on for flights and schedule, it didn’t take in the crazy weather Florida has been experiencing. But like I always say, the worst weather can make the best photography! The rain, well it was a downpour so I was soaked before I even got the gear out of the truck. Because of that, I went with one lens at a time going for that one shot before heading back to the truck and in its shelter, change lenses. The first shot I wanted was an eyelevel shot with the cockpit. With the D5 / 14-24AFS I very carefully went up the slick as snot gangway to shoot eyelevel. I would take a shot, dry off the front element. Take a shot, dry off the...

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on May 25, 2018 in Aviation

Memorial Weekend Airshow Shooting

As we say thanks to all our veterans this weekend, there are many airshows paying tribute to our heroes who fought for our freedoms! I want to give you some thoughts, tricks, and tips so you can make the most of your air adventure. Now of course, buying a copy of Takeoff would be a great start! Realizing most learn best from watching rather than reading, you can head to my Kelby Class on Aviation Photography for more in-depth explanations. I want to talk about putting movement into your stills right now so just because you see planes here, these techniques apply to ALL moving subjects! Start with the understanding that shooting unrestricted is essential! The less you carry, the more mobile you are, the more mobile and limber you are, the sharper the photos and better composed they are (here is a complete listing of the gear that’s with me, most in the vehicle just in case). With that in mind, here are some tips that you can...

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