The Z9 Factor

photo courtesy of Nikon

We’ve known about the coming of the Z9 for a while now. Having a little history with the company, my gut told me that they had something mighty cool up their sleeve and it would rock my world. My posting a bunch of my F Mount gear for sale brought in a boatload of emails that I hope I can answer with this one posting. To sum up the emails, why am I going all mirrorless now? I think it’s unstoppable! (I ordered my Z9s from Bedfords and used my Discount Code Moose. You can do the same and pay the same price I did to add the Z9 to your kit!)

I think the photo above sums it up the best. As I told my friends this past week, I have to come up with a new phrase because astro blast doesn’t do justice to what the Z9 delivers. The Z9s amazing FPS is not the main reason for my switch, it is most definitely part of it though. It’s the signals from the specs that made the difference for me. High-efficacy Nefs, 1000 image buffer, AF down to -8.5ev, black-out free EVF are just a few of the exciting points for me. Being able to shoot stills or video without having to move your eye from the viewfinder, I love that. The biggest thing for me of all is the fact the Z9 is 20% SMALLER than the D6 (and costs less) fulfilling the promise of mirrorless of smaller, more quality at a lower price. And if that were enough, there are these factoids:

The most exciting thing of all to me is, we ain’t seen nothin yet! The photographic possibilities just went through the roof. I can’t wait until the Z9 is in my kit and I’m out shooting with it.

Access Spike Traction

Black Diamond Access Spike Traction Device

It’s snow and ice time again which makes for some great photo ops. Having solid footing though is important for moving around and for providing our camera a solid platform. Black Diamond Access Spike Traction Device makes any shoe stick like glue to ice and snow. They slip on and stay on providing you with sure footing. I highly recommend them to you!

ACR / Lr Masking – Hot Dang!!!!

Yesterday, Adobe blogged a sneak peak at a KILLER new feature coming shortly in ACR & Lr, Masking. Yeah, that doesn’t sound all that exciting, that’s until you use it. Adobe was kind enough to give me permission to share this video preview with you and small sneak of how I use it! I’ve been very fortunate to have been using Masking for a while and I’m here to tell you, it changes everything, speeding up and bringing more quality and flexibility to our image finishing. This AI driven tool you’ll be seeing in both Lightroom (Lr) and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) in the future. I’ve been using it just in ACR and after watching the video, you’ll see why I am so dang excited about this killer new tool!

The final finished photograph captured by Df / 24-70f2.8

The Quest Ends

Poswlto Portable Screwdrivers Tool 4MM Hex Head Allen Wrench Hex

The Poswlto Portable Screwdrivers Tool 4MM Hex Head Allen Wrench ends my search for the perfect tool to always have with me for attaching and detaching camera plates! Made of stainless steel and only 2.76 x 0.59 x 0.31 inches in size, I have them hanging on the OUTSIDE of all my bags where I can find them fast! I enlarged the hole on the drill press on a couple to use the small carabiner and on others use S-Biners. One of the big points is you can’t over-torque the screw when attaching because you don’t have that kind of leverage with the tool. It’s such a simple thing but I don’t have to worry anymore about finding an allen wrench when I need one. It’s always right there!

Finding “The” Allen Wrench

Neiko Ultra Low Profile Allen Wrench

If you’re like me, you have a drawer (if not crate) full of fallen wrenches. We need them to attach and remove our cameras and lens plates as well as other misc photo parts. Yet with that tonnage of them, having on the moment I need it seems to be an issue for me at times. So I went out looking for a better solution. I found the Neiko Ultra Low Profile Allen Wrench which is an all-metal flat bar with a knob of a 4mm allen wrench attached. What I like is not only its low profile but I can hang it from the outside of my bag so I can always find it when I need it. It’s the best $2 camera accessory I’ve purchased in a long time!

Neewer 3-Wheels Wireless Video Camera Dolly

Neewer 3-Wheels Wireless Video Camera Dolly

I’ll be honest with you, when the Neewer 3-Wheels Wireless Video Camera Dolly came up in my Amazon feed, the first thing I thought of was, “What a great toy to bug Maggie with!” And while it is, it has actually turned out to be a really cool tool. It sells for less than $60 (it goes on sale a bunch) and supports the Z 6II and lens no problem!I added the SmallRig Mini Ball to it which works perfectly. This mini dolly is of course to shoot video like a slider and if the ground is smooth enough, works great. It has three speeds which you can vary and drive with the simple small remote. While I first thought of that use working with aircraft in hangars (which have great floors), I’m using it more for stills. Using Snapbridge, I can see exactly what the Z 6II / Z14-24 see and “drive” the camera to locations under an aircraft I’d rather not crawl to in which to photograph. Snapbridge can then be used as a remote to set and take the photo. It’s a simple little thing I wanted to share. Works pretty darn well!

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