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on Jul 20, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

Move Your Photography Forward

One of the biggest challenges in photography is measuring the success of our photographs both technically and most importantly, aesthetically. What I mean by that is, the vast majority of what we do there is no scale, an accepted public measure that we can quickly, easily and accurately measure the quality of our success. It’s all rather subjective. Those who live in the industry have such a scale but in many ways, this is a secret measure that’s summed up very simply in a check paying one for their efforts. But even in the days of film with it ridgedality that was relatively cut and dry this measure of success, helping a new photographer understanding what was sharp while looking through a loop on a light table was a helluva challenge. I by no means have any intent to suggest or force my scale of quality on anyone but rather, simply pass along just two things that my forty years of working with photobuyers has instilled in me that...

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on Jul 12, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

Humming Right Along!

Yep, I’ve been totally ignoring the blog the last few days, that’s because I am enjoying the best success rate I’ve ever experienced photographing flying hummers. This rig simply kicks ass …. D5 180-400VR SB-5000 2x SD-9 2x Impact Quikbox Micro So why am I posting a perched hummer shot? Because I started a series of images of elegant perched hummer portraits (and lots of slo-mo hummer in flight video). Still taken with the same rig above, just fine-tuning all the elements especially the light. This is an immature Black-chinned Hummer that was waiting in queue for its turn at the feeder....

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on Jul 9, 2018 in Wildlife Photography


Yep, Mr. Wonderful is still here and today he really was a ham! The hummers in Madera Canyon are really spectacular and photographing them at Santa Rita Lodge is just darn heaven! We back again this year with a better rig that is making the photography about as simple as it can be. I’ll post a BTS of the rig later, but it consists of: D5 180-400VR SB-5000 2x SD-9 2x Impact Quikbox Micro What you see here is out of the camera, slam dung easy pizzy. Sorry for short post but heading back out with the hummers before the skies open up big...

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on Jun 27, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

The Nēnē

I was kinda getting into desperate mode! It was shaping up to be another trip looking for certain species and because they are simply disappearing, vanished, gone from the planet, I was too late, again! The last couple of years I’ve been trying to photograph species that when I first started out in the 70’s I couldn’t because I didn’t have the means let alone the skill to go get the photograph. The last couple of years, I feel I’m getting more and more desperate as I make the journey only to find all too often, I’m too late! So it was on Kauai a few weeks back when I was laser beam focused on photographing the few remaining endangered bird species left on the island. By day three, we’d struck out and I was feeling pretty low. Our destruction of our wild heritage has been pretty thorough in the last forty years! After a frustrating morning at the top of Waimea Canyon looking a couple of endemic, endangered...

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on Jun 12, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

What Inspired Me

I’m often asked which photographers have inspired me. Those who know me know I can’t remember a person’s name seconds after being told it. I can name all the critters of North America, but someone I just meet, their name is lost to me. And while I don’t recall names worth a hoot, I can remember all the photographs I’ve seen over the decades. One of the photos I saw when I first got into photography decades ago was of a Red-tailed Tropicbird. The way the light came through the wings, the crazy long, red tail and the “floating in air” look of its flight simply caught my imagination. It’s a photograph I’ve always wanted, a species I’ve wanted to experience. And forty years later, I meet my inspiration! The photograph I saw all those years ago is pretty much the top photo you see here. It was simply a tropicbird floating by. Getting that shot way back when would have been quite a feat with manual advance camera...

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