Greater Sandhill Cranes captured by Z 9 / Z400f4.5 w/Z1.4x

As I entered the highway heading to Bosque this morning, my mind had been turning for an hour already on my one simple question for the day. What to say from my last morning? As soon as the tires hit the road, the answer came quickly. I headed south in the dark, the promise of sunrise barely a hint in the far east. As I entered the refuge, I noted only one other vehicle and it wasn’t where I wanted to go which make me smile. When I reached my spot, I found myself all alone. Well, vacant of any humans but by no means of birds. By now, the sun was struggling to be seen, the clouds on the horizon drapes hiding its progress. Then in the distance I heard them call, I readied the camera. In the viewfinder I saw the Sandhills coming to join me and in a heartbeat I made the click. What I wanted to say from the morning … a celebration of life!

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