Z 9 / 180-400vr attached via the FTZII

Just got off the phone with an old-time friend and great shooter. We were talking about our recent shooting with the new Z 9 and the images we were able to capture. We kept coming back to one word, confidence! Having confidence in our gear instilled confidence in ourselves making the photographic experience so much more enjoyable. Self-doubt doesn’t totally disappear but the confidence to move forward was just stronger. How do you gain confidence in your gear, especially when it’s brand new like the Z 9? We both played with and shot with the Z 9 prior to having a shoot that was on the books. Funny thing, we “played” with the body to the point we both had to recharge the battery, twice.
Part of this confidence-building was not just shooting and learning the Z 9, but using it with the different lenses we depend on for our craft. For example, I’m heading into Yellowstone for a couple of weeks and my primary lens will be the 180-400vr. I need to know how balanced is the Z 9 on the 180-400vr as I will be handholding most of the time. At the same time, I’ll be wearing gloves with this rig. How does all that work? Knowing these answers PRIOR to actually shooting for real builds confidence. And that confidence resonates in the viewfinder and the final photograph. It’s why I’ve referred to my camera kit as my bag of confidence. It goes much further than knowing just which button to push, but why and when. Confidence goes a long way!

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